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Browse through colors and shapes’ website and notice the ever expanding range of items which you can hire. Should there be anything you can’t locate here, no matter how obscure, then please get in touch as we can usually supply what you are looking for or at least point you in the right direction.

Latest & Most Beautiful Designs

Colors and shapes has a wide range of furniture available for many different types of events ranging from weddings to exhibitions. We stock an extensive selection of tables, chairs and accessories with both classic and contemporary designs, suited to events of all kinds. We check our competitors prices regulary and are always… adjusting our own prices in order to stay competitive throughout the year.

Wedding & Special Events

We regulary re-invest in our product range which ensures our stock is larger and of superior quality to our competitiors. We have high standards of maintenance and implement stringent quality control guaranteeing your furniture arrives in excellent condition. We are passionate about offering a professional and efficient delivery… service by ensuring your furniture arrives in excellent condition and on time.

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